We are Ember Sands - Home of POS Party

An awesome group of wormholers.

An awesome family

We are a very active group of Eve players that have been together for years in some cases.

We are predominantly US TZ and our priority is to find content, wherever that may be.

We are looking for 20mil Skill Point + Pilots who are looking to explore wormholes, kick some butt in space, and have a positive attitude.

The best real estate in wormhole space

We live in a C4 with C2 and C5 statics. The C2 provides easy access to both K space and wormhole space, while the C5 provides endless opportunity for both pve and pvp with many different groups.

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick

PvP is one of our favorite activities in the game and we regularly go on roams to blow up whatever we can find.

We consistently score highly in the monthly wormhole killboard comparison.

What we Offer


Wormhole space is an inherently scary and unforgiving area in an already unforgiving game. Our members know that we have each other's backs when shit hits the fan and can count on each other.


We work together every day to get the most out of Eve, be it shooting reds, sleepers, or gas clouds.

Out of Game Communication

We have teamspeak and slack to make playing Eve easier and more fun.

Security for ourselves

We have worked hard over the last two years to make our home system as safe as possible, both from outsider and insider threats.

Security for others

Need help getting into wormhole space? Is someone else seeding your wormhole and threatening to destroy everything you have in Eve? We can help.


Our C5 static provides endless PvE opportunity to our members. The isk is out there in wormhole space for the taking.

Get in touch

Stop by our ingame channel "Pos Party Time!" to say hi or message one of our recruiters.

  • Keskora Yaari
  • FelixJarl
  • Rico
  • Ery
  • Sin
  • Ryan Kick
  • Kovy